Vanessa Powers Photography: Blog en-us Vanessa Powers Photography (Vanessa Powers Photography) Sun, 26 Apr 2015 13:18:00 GMT Sun, 26 Apr 2015 13:18:00 GMT Vanessa Powers Photography: Blog 96 120 The Little Red Feed Store I haven't written in my blog for....well it has been way to long. 


I found out today that a location that I use quite often in the Mont Belvieu area is possibly going to be torn down.  As I was going to a location in Crosby today, I went past the old Mont Belvieu feedstore across from Hill Lumber.  I saw a small sign posted out front and I thought to myself no way, I hope that isn't a no trespassing sign.  When I came back through that area, I stopped and read what it had to say.  It says that they are having a public hearing in regards to the feed store being "RUN DOWN" and that anyone who wants to give their opinion in the matter can either write or go to the public hearing, I believe it is on May 4th.  It made me sad at the thought.

I remember when..... I remember passing it to and from the old fire station in Mont Belvieu when my husband was a paramedic.  I always thought that it was a piece of Mont Belvieu history.  I can remember when it was a place where they held auctions.  Then one day about 4 years ago with my camera in tow, I took my first photography session there. It made me look at this old red beautiful building in a whole different way.   For years it has helped me tell stories about families and about future families.  It was a place for laughter and for love... It was a place to celebrate 1st Birthdays...smash beginnings... different Holidays such as Christmas..Easter..4th of July.  Did you know that one of the early covers of Home Town Journey was taken by another local photographer for a 4th of July issue there.  There are several photographers in the area that use this wonderful location.

A few months ago, I was waiting for a client to show up for a session.  A young man pulled in and asked what I was doing there.  I told him that I was meeting a family there to take their family photos.  He said, "my family owns this property".  "You see that stoop over there" he said...  "I use to play on that stoop for hours at a time when I was a little boy.  I told him it is one of my favorite spots of the old feed store.  I also told him that another of my favorite parts was the old rusty fan in the back of the building.  I bet a lot of you didn't even know it was back there.  (I noticed the last time I was there it was gone) :(...  He told me then that they may tear it down.  I told him that I wish they wouldn't because it has made for beautiful photographs for a lot of the residents in Mont Belvieu. 

I have taken many a session at that "THE OLD RED FEED STORE"...  These images are hanging in the homes of people who live in Mont Belvieu.  I hate the thought in a few years when they go by that area that they can't turn to the back seat and tell their children remember we took our family pictures there...or that is where you did your smash cake for your first birthday... or remember when Meme took all 7 of us to do our pictures together there and the photographer "aka myself" erased the whole session by mistake and we had to take it over again. 

I hate when something gets old that everyone thinks it has lost its beauty.  Is the "OLD RED FEED STORE" run down... not in my eyes.  Does it need renovating some.  I wish the City of Mont Belvieu would restore it to is natural state using a lot of the materials that are already on it.  In the old portion of Mont Belvieu all you see are refineries, pipelines, car lots etc.... when do you say enough is enough and let a little bit of history stay where it belongs.   I don't know what they have in store for my "Little Red Feed Store".... I hope it is something as beautiful as what is standing there today. 

These are just a few of the images that I have taken over the years.



A little bit of Rose and a little bit of Mary Okay I totally feel bad that this next session was shot at the end of October and I am just now posting. I have been busy with photography sessions, work (aka real job), planning and getting ready for my own daughters baby shower. 

Molly's mom and I are in the same Sunday School class and she had asked if I would be willing to do Molly's and Jame's maternity session.  Of course I said NO right off the bat...are you kidding me I jumped at the chance. (actually I was dying for her to ask)  They were so open for anything and they made me laugh over and over again.  I also loved the fact that mom and dad came and watched and were my helpers getting things together. James said right out of the gate..."TAKING PICTURES IS NOT MY THING"....After a few snaps of the camera I looked up at James and I said "JAMES I THOUGHT TAKING PICS WERE NOT YOUR THING"   He said "IT'S NOT...BUT IF I AM GOING TO DO IT I MIGHT AS WELL DO IT RIGHT"...and that he did don't you think?

They shared the baby's name with me and I just loved it. It just seems to fit.  RoseMary...perfect don't you think. So I share with you a 'LITTLE BIT OF ROSE"



The next image is one of my fav's...I am not sure why but it just is.

You know you have to get a picture of the new granny and grandpa...grandpa (I think thats what he is going to be called) didn't think I would pull him in a shot or two.  Everyone needs to know if you are around me and I have a camera in my hands, you better hide if you don't want your picture's common knowledge you know.

Molly and James thank you so much for letting me capture your start of your soon to be family.  How fitting is it that Jesus was born this month many years ago and now RoseMary will be born in one of the most memorable months of the year. I hope you don't have to go past your due date so that RoseMary can share her birthday month with Jesus.  How special is that.  I am anxious to see your new bundle of joy...not much longer.  P.S. thanks Granny for asking me to capture your daughters special time in her life.

Jeremiah 1:5
"I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart ..."

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Old McDonald wanted his farm... I have enjoyed the on set of new clients and the referrals that I am getting.  It is to be honest, a little over whelming at times but I couldn't be happier.  I love the fact that my clients feel free to tell me what they are expecting. I really like to incorporated what they would like into my sessions.  If you want vintage...farmy (is that a word)... or if you are just sisters and your having your portraits done together, I will make sure that a few images reflect that.

Case in point Mr. L (Old McDonald himself) loves the farm and singing his favorite song. Mom shared that Mr. L. sings Old McDonald had a farm..all the time. Since Mr. L was turning 3, mom wanted a few images to reflect his birthday, his love of the farm and a few family images of all three of them together..(I mean all 4 baby sister is on the way).  We met on a Monday late afternoon and the weather well it was just perfect. When Mr. L got out of the car he was ready to go..all smiles from head to two.

I knew right from the start that he was going to be easy.  All I had to do was just let him be himself.  I gave him a wheel barrow and he was off doing what farmers do...sitting in it....pushing it..and pushing it...he would just keep talking about his farm.

We wanted images to reflect his third birthday....I think we couldn't have asked for more....He acted like a 3 year old...the images below well they are priceless...

Seriously the next image is just to sweet...this little guy has eyes that every photographer dreams of...

 I believe that a child has an unconditional love for their parents...a love that cannot really be described into words... they look right through your outer being and look straight into your soul...they look at you with such love and kindness.. to me it is breath taking....  Mr. and Mrs. B always remember that when little L. looks at you and laughs with you he doesn't care of what or where or how...he just cares that he can spend time with you.  Thank you so much for sharing your evening with me.  I truly enjoyed myself watching the three of you together.  I noticed when his smile was the biggest is when you three were hand in hand or playing together...

Psalms 127:3-5 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Loved this family for sure....

(C) Greg Elkenhans Photography



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You better be quick...  

I don't know what it is....I never get tired when it comes to photography (except for the occasional wedding).  I could have a hectic day at work and be totally exhausted but as soon as I grab my camera and meet up with my client IT'S GAME ON....I love that my client base is getting bigger. I have been meeting up with some awesome people lately and their children.  It is crazy that I get so nervious when I meet new clients, expecially children. I always pray that they will be easy on me and the funny thing is, they always are. 

I meet up with Ms. R and the twins at the beginning of October.  The day was BEAUTIFUL...until I pulled my camera out of my bag.  As I was waiting for the girls to show up, the black clouds rolled in.  When they showed up it was raining enough that we had to use an umbrella to get the girls out of the car.  I spoke with mom and I suggested that we reschedule.  She looked at me and said could we just take a few (I actually read her mind tho, she was saying lady do you know how hard it was to dress these three girls) LOL.....I am so glad she did.  The girls were so much fun...and the rain, well it stopped and we pulled it off. Ms. R the oldest was the leader of the pact..until one twin went one way and the other went the other way.  She would just look at me as if to say, welcome to my life.  They were quick and full of energy. If I didn't snap quick the shot was lost forever. LOL Thats what I love about the photography I do...I love that they can run and have fun and that I can get them being who they are. So many people ask me to do mini sessions for the different holiday's, etc....  Maybe one day I will,  but for now I want my clients to have a unique experience for their own special family.

I loved the way that Ms. R. would hold them tight.  Thats what older sisters do...I know, I have one that always held me tight and was my I know from experience...

I tell you it was hard to make Ms. E smile but I actually got a few....she was a toughy...Ms. C was a piece of cake she would laugh just to laugh because she knew she was funny... Ms. R was just has cute as she was sweet.

It is funny, I was only with these three for a short time but yet,  I could see what each one was like.. Ms. C the comedian-- Ms. E her twin meek but has a spunk about her and Ms. R. the protector of the two.

Mom and Dad you have three very special girls on your hands...time will fly before you know it...and when it does, look back at these little faces and remember when.

Psalm 27:13
I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 

So true look at these three faces and there is no question of God's Grace.AQ8A4148-2

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BRIDALS..Kara Cimms "not just a friend" I have been waiting to share Kara's bridal session for sometime.  I think bridal portraits are so much fun because the pressure is off--you can take your time--normally there isn't many people around to cause confusion.  The Bride and I can just relax and have fun with it.. and that we did!!!

I have known Kara since she was 3 or 4.  I have watched her grow up before my eyes.  There is something about her that makes you giggle.  She is funny...crazy and so down to earth.  I love that she is there for just about everyone in her life. I am sure that she has touched many of your lifes in one way or another... She has such a kind heart and it shows in her actions...

I value the friendship that her and her family has with our need something all you have to do is call.  I rode with her Aunt the other day to pick up some things for the reception area and she asked me why I helped Kara so much with her answer was ...JUST BECAUSE..She is not just a friend she is like "FAMILY"....and when you see someone in your family needs a helping hand thats what you do...



If you have read my posts on facebook you already know that we did two bridal sessions...Just because we wanted to and besides I need all the practice I can get....Kara had told me she found this great BIG RED BARN that she wanted her pictures taken at on the second trip.  She told me that no one lived there and that we could run in and run out....YEA RIGHT...SURE...NO PROBLEM.  When we got there the driveway was full of cars and she insisted I go and knock on the as a photographer I did what I had to do.  I knocked on the door and I told them what I needed and they looked at me as if I was CRAZY...(we all know that I am at times but thats beside the point).. The homeowner of the house gave us permission and followed us out there...She was the sweetest lady and stood there a talked with us and welcomed us back anytime. (I will take her up on that one)... I am sure you will agree it was pretty cool back ground. make me laugh and push me to be a better photograher.  I love the fact that our friendship has grown so much since you have grown up. You made a beautiful bride yesterday and I am excited to share all of your images from your special day. I want to leave you with this following scripture....

Proverbs 3:1-6
My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart, for they will give you a long and satisfying life. Never let loyalty and kindness get away from you! Wear them like a necklace; write them deep within your heart. Then you will find favour with both God and people, and you will gain a good reputation.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.


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I HAVE WATCHED HER GROW.... I know that each photographer always has one sweet face that they could shoot over and over again.  I am know exception, other than my own grandchildren of course.  Juliann was my first snap of the camera.  It was at an itty bitty Blue Bonnet patch in Baytown. That was almost 2 years ago.  I have watched her grow from a pudgy little tike to this beautiful young lady.  She actually looks older than what she is but she is only 5.  I truly believe she is so cute and that she should be on every magazine cover for children made. Disney needs to snap her up and make her the next HANNAH MONTANNA, (except for the mohawk...have you seen her lately). She has been signed by a modeling agency but so far no takers.  I think that everyone would agree with me, she is exceptionally beautiful for her age...oh and yes her lips are real.  Angelina Jolie look out there is a new kid in town.















I love that she does her own thing and I all I have to do is watch and snap. In the shot on the left she was twirling and jumping and making faces it was fun to watch. I was laughing so hard a majority of the images were blurry (to this date I can't laugh and take pics at the same time) 





















Happy 5th Birthday my sweet little friend....

I will leave you with this....

Psalm 127:3-5 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.



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TO BE 1 AGAIN.... A few months ago I did a pirate session with this little one's big brother...Now it is HUNTER'S turn.. He is celebrating his first birthday and when mom asked if I would do his 1st birthday session. I was really excited for two reasons.

1. Mom must have liked her older son's birthday session so she came back for more.  I always love it when a family will ask me to schedule muliply sessions. That means they must of liked the first ones RIGHT... 

As a photographer you always question yourself whether or not you are good enough.  I know I still have a lot to learn but I do know that I have come such a long way.  One day I will post a comparison....maybe not that would be but I probably will.

2.  I have never had to take a session indoors other then weddings, so I was excited to see if I could pull it off. I think it went well. 

Hunter was such a trooper.  He is such a good baby and he just went with it. I think he actually had fun. I guess I would to if someone let me devour an entire cupcake. I know it always makes me smile when I can eat what I want....if you know me you know I love FOOD...

I met them at their house earlier in the day and then about an hour or so later we met at another location. I was afraid when mom let his baloons go I thought he would be mad and cry....He was actually surprised like "what the heck just happened"....where are the going?

After we were all carried away by mesquitos, we headed off to another location... Little Hunter is having a JOHN DEERE themed birthday party so I have the perfect location for that and I didn't even have to travel far.  We have neighbors down the street that actually don't mind their tractors being in used for photography 

Hunter was so cute.  He thought this JOHN DEERE tractor was the greatest thing...


Thanks Renae again for letting me capture one of your children's milestones.  It was fun running around to different locations. I was amazed that Hunter was so happy the whole day.  The only time he got up set is when he didn't think you were going to let him have his cupcake....that totally made him mad...once he realized that it was all his, he was a happy camper.

Happy Birthday little man...enjoy your JOHN DEERE birthday...I wish I was one again, not just for the incredible cupcakes but just because you don't have a care in the world.




Life is a whirlwind... Life has been crazy busy lately!  Ever since labor day I have basically have gone nonstop.... Jessica and her friend (Julia) came from Ohio for the holiday (labor day) weekend.  So I took off some much needed time and just had fun.  I didn't have any photography sessions scheduled until Labor day I was good to go and just relax.

On thursday Jessica, Julia and I set out to Kemah for lunch.  We had a blast...We ate at Joe's Crab Shack and walked the boardwalk. I will have to do that more often during the week...we basically had the place to ourselves.....take note no one behind them..

This is the first time Julia has been to the Texas Gulf Coast. Jessica was showing Julia books of what it was like during hurricane Ike and how much it destroyed the area around us.  So what did we do we threw her in a hurricane simulator so she could experience it just a little.  Her response will mess up my air...Jessica and I looked at each other and said "OH WELL"...Get in there...

I enjoyed our day in Kemah and love having my daughter home... Julia is getting married in a couple of weeks and this was her last hurrahhhhh....

The next day Gary, Ashley and the kids met us in Galveston.  We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. Well that was our intentions...Kinley screamed the whole time...She was so afraid of the animals and when they would start singing or something she would scream and say "I don't like it".."I don't like it"...and she meant every word of it.  I don't have any pictures to share because she was busy hanging on for dear life in my arms or Ashley's... The funny thing is I took her out to the gift shop so the rest of the family could eat...she was just talking to me and laughing then all of a sudden she looked up and started screaming again "I don't like it".."I don't like it"...I looked up and I just happened to be holding her under a big animated snake that would wiggle it's way down from the ceiling....GO FIGURE...of all the locations I could have stood by I had to be under a flippin is funny now but at the time I was hungry....LOL

We went to Pleasure Pier and we had the place to ourselves...believe it or not the kids didn't have to get off the rides, they could ride them over and over. This was Labor day weekend. We thought it would be packed...a little wierd I must say.

Please excuse the quality they were taken with my cell phone.







We went to the Strand the following morning and had fun walking around....I enjoyed my day with my family...I am so BLESSED to have them in my life....They can make my life a WHIRLWIND anytime....Love you guys..

Now to catch up with sessions and editing.


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My SaTuRdAy MoRnInG... After waking up at 5:30 every morning and racing around the house getting ready, you would think that I would enjoy keeping my head on my pillow and sleeping until I wake up on my own.  Instead, I set my alarm for 5:15, get ready and race out the door so that I can see the sunrise... Every morning on my way to work I look out my rearview mirror and wish that I had time to capture the morning sun as it rises up from the horizon.  Lately it has been exceptionally beautiful and I never have the chance to stop and just snap away.  It also helped that Landen had his first football game of the season and I knew that I had to be there by 8:00am... I wasn't about to miss it...(absolutely more important then the sunrising). So with my camera in tow, I set out to take the best sunrise images ever....well we all know that didn't happen...the sun and the clouds did not cooperate as usual.. I guess I just need to glue my camera on me and take it with me everyday to work.  On the way to work you can just see the big round orange ball floating up in the there were way to many clouds... 

The most important part of my day was watching Landen....he gets so into it and just watching him makes me happy.  I can't believe that in a little over a month he will be 7.  Before we all know it, he will be playing High School ball and we will wonder where the time has gone. 

As always I have to add an image of the cheerleading squad....this cheerleader is just to sweet!!!  KK totally didn't like the cinder track at first. She kept saying that there were ants on her feet when actually it was just the little pebble's between her toes.  After awhile she decided it wasn't all that bad... take note of the ants I mean pebbles on her tiny fingers...

I love to watch this lil' man....I hope that he continues to enjoy sports as much as he does now.  Because if he doesn't what am I going to do on friday and saturdays.... Love ya played awesome today...


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HE LIGHTS MY PATH.... Sometimes you must take time to enjoy the little things...Life tends to pass us by and we take for granted all of our surroundings and don't take time to step back and look at the beauty that the good Lord has put right before our eyes....Today I took that time with my mother.  I am so grateful that she is still in my life.  I think sometimes I take that for granted...THINKING SHE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. 

We both got in the car today and just drove...we left Mont Belvieu and drove to Winnie--then to High Island--then to Bolivar...As I was driving to the Bolivar ferry it saddened me to think of how the Bolivar Peninsula once looked...beach houses everywhere.  It is slowly building up after Hurricane IKE, but I don't think we will ever forget the devastation that IKE caused.  The one thing that I knew that didn't change was the Bolivar Lighthouse.  I have passed that lighthouse a million times. I never took time to think how many storms that it weathered. 

I couldn't help but think of the following scripture:

Psalm 119:105 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Thank you LORD for Lighting my path each and every day.


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1+1=SISTERS A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to capture two sisters in action.  I see them at church and speak with their parents regularly. When mom asked if I would take the girls pictures, I was honored. We met on a tuesday evening and with my camera in tow, we set off to capture the bond these two shared for each other....I also have an older sister who is my best friend and my go to person for everything so I knew that this would be fun...


They were so into it and would do everything I asked them to do.  I even asked them to sit on a bench and look at each other and told them not to laugh thinking that they would look at each other and do the opposite...because if I had to stare at my sister I definately would have a hard time not laughing...but they just looked at each other and wouldn't crack a smile and once I said okay...then they cracked up.




As these two grow older, I hope they look back at these images and remember WHEN.....







I am sure this isn't the last time these two will walk HAND IN HAND...

20150207 Sound of Music 126

Thanks mom for letting me capture memories for you.....GOD has truly BLESSED you with two beautiful girls! You can see the rest of their images

WORDS OF WISDOM Have you ever met someone for the first time and you knew right from the start how your meeting or in my case my session was going to go.  It's crazy but from the time this family got out of the car, I had an instant feeling that Saturday morning was going to be great. I don't know why but I always get nervious meeting up with new clients and I actually loose a little sleep over it....Well I can honestly say I lost sleep friday night for nothing!...I loved this session. This little family captured my heart from the start.

After our session and as I was scanning through all of  the images I noticed how Christopher always had to touch mom in some way and when he looked at her you could tell that she was his best friend. You could tell that she gave him great comfort.....

Mom shared something with me that evening that really stuck with me, with her permission of course, I was told I could share.

She explained to me why she wanted to schedule a session.  She said it was Christopher's idea to get pictures taken. She said they were listening to KSBJ and there was a lady on there talking about how she hated her body and she would never get in any of the pictures with her kids. One of her teenage sons told her that when she dies they wouldn't remember her because there where no pictures, and she was the only one concerned about her body. Christopher said see I love you cause your my mom, so you have to take pictures wth me. :-) She said she couldn't say no to that. Christopher was a preemie when he was born @ 31 weeks he was two pounds, and she always held him skin to skin, she thinks that is why they have such a strong bond. The doctor told her that neither one of them should be alive today. I told Catie that Christopher spoke with great wisdom...When it comes to children and their parents they don't care about anything other than that you love them unconditionally. 

1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

Thanks Catie and Christopher for sharing my morning with me. I know that you and Christoher will always walk hand in hand.  Maybe not always in the physical sense but in the SPIRITUAL SENSE.... May GOD truly BLESS you both!!!!!



it's a GOD thing One Sunday in June my husband and I went to visit my in-laws.  While we were on our drive home, we decided to stop and look at a new vehicle for our daughter for her college graduation.  We thought we would get it now and drive it up to OHIO in August. The next day my husband found a good deal on a Toyota and ended up buying it.  It is amazing how GOD works...On tuesday morning my daughter calls and tells me she is on the side of the freeway in Columbus Ohio.  The car started over heating and making a crazy noise.  Fortunately, she has awesome future in-laws that saved the day and got her off the side of the road.  We both knew it was a matter of time when her car would totally bite the dust. We ended up taking her new car to her that same week. She had know idea that we were coming nor did she know she was getting a new car.  When I tell people what happened, they say how lucky that we had already bought the car....I tell them it wasn't luck it was "A GOD THING"...he works in my life daily and I know when anything happens in my life or in someone else's life that it is always  "A GOD THING"...he didn't promise that our lives would be perfect but he did promise to hold us tight as he helps us get through the tough times. So because of our trip to Ohio I have a few images to share.  I very seldom get to take pics of just stuff...I miss it... so I took advantage of this trip and got my fix... That also was "A GOD THING"...he knew I really needed a change of pace. 

We first started out at what they call Hoover Dam..It was so pretty and had all kinds of  wildlife...

I met my friend on this trip....I think he likes me...he really likes me...

After we left Hoover Dam we headed off for lunch at a little cafe in is a really neat little town with a river and a stream going down the middle of it.  The flowers were in full bloom and they were just beautiful and colorful...


I fell in love with this church....I would have loved to have seen the inside but we were pressed for time.

I had a wonderful day with my "crew".......oh and the one picture I don't have is Jessica's face when she saw her new car...It was a priceless.

Always remember to give thanks to our GOD...for the many blessings he gives us on a daily basis.  When something special happens in your life always remember "it's a GOD thing".....


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I KNOW I KNOW...I haven't posted to my blog in forever. I have been crazy busy with life...crashed computers....broken cars....trips to Ohio and being overly excited that I am going to be a NANNA again... so I am back on track....first up Landon.

When I met Renae and she asked if I would take Landon's 5 year old pics I was excited.  She was there when I did another session for another client and she loved the old chest that I used.  She was having a pirate themed birthday party for her son and asked if I would do a pirate themed photo session....Even though I normally don't do themed sessions, I thought it would be fun.  So I researched how to make a pirate's flag and made one from scratch...I am not very artistic but I thought I did pretty good if I do say so myself. LOL  We met on a very hot saturday morning in June. I set up everything in my mothers backyard and we just went with it.  Landon was very shy and timid and it took a lot to make him smile or laugh. Thank goodness that his mom was there to save the day.  She was able to make him smile and laugh. You can see the rest of his session at


Little brother was also able to get in part of the action....he was really cute....


A few weeks later we met up again and this time he was ready and willing...well after his mom ran and got mesquito spray.. They were actually trying to take over his session.



Thanks Renae for sharing Landon with me and letting me capture year 5....


TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME.... I have always been a fan of sports, especially the ones that I participated in as well as my children and now my grandchildren.  I love to watch them improve and learn so many different skills, not only the skills of the sport but life skills.  SPORTMANSHIP....TEAM WORK....WORK ETHIC...

I watched my grandson improve so much this past year in football and t-ball.  Last year during T-BALL he was a dirt kicking, grass picking type of player. LOL This year he was one of the best first baseman's in our league.  Landen's team placed second in their league and then he went on to play ALL STAR'S...there he played first base as well..   He did such an awesome job this whole year.  I loved watching him mature into a really good baseball player. 

I didn't take very many images this year, I just wanted to enjoy watching him.  When I have a camera in my hands I tend to concentrate on the shot instead of concentrating on him, then when I get excited my camera goes crazy and all my pictures are needless to say several images of the championship All Star game this week are a lot to be desired....

You know you always have to get a few of the fans....and these are a few of my favorite KK (KINLEY) is the cutest fan EVER....

As my grandson's T-BALL season ends for 2012...I can only be excited for the next....I love this boy!!!

This is how our 2012 T-ball session ended....with a little touch of HEAVEN...



























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I AM SO BLESSED!!!!! As everyone probably knows I turned another year older yesterday.  I have been so BLESSED over the past year since my last birthday.  First of all I am BLESSED that I serve a loving and gracious life may not be perfect but I can't imagine my life with out him in it.  I hope one day that every person that I cross paths with will come to know him the way I do.

I live and breath photography.  I can't believe that I waited so long to get back into it.  It has taken off so quick and so fast that I go crazy at times...but I truly love it.  I am still in the learning process but I have learned so much from so many people that I have crossed paths with especially Amy Schilling with Amy Schilling Photography.  We have become good friends and we are able to call on each other with questions or text each other as we travel for different sessions. I love having someone to talk to that has a passion for photography as I do.

I never thought that I would be doing so many weddings.  I always thought that I would be doing mainly families and children and seniors but it seems that GOD has lead me in this direction.  I am not sure why but he has.  I can't believe I actually had to turn down a wedding today because I WAS BOOKED that day already....CRAZY I KNOW... WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

Thanks to all my family and friends who have encouraged me to do something that I love...and for understanding that it takes up so much of my time... and for helping me when I need help....Vickie thanks for being the sister that you are to me and for helping me with sessions and with several weddings...Your the BEST...

I just wanted to post a few images of what I have accomplished this year....THANKS to my BRIDES for trusting me with their special day....THANKS to the families that have let me capture their lives with a click of my camera...

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THE SMITH FAMILY I had  the pleasure of meeting up with Haide and her children one saturday in May.  Haide had asked  a while back if I would take their family portrait this year.  Little did she know I was dying for her to ask.  I love taking portraits of families and children.  I don't think I get to do it enough. I had two weddings back to back, so it took a while before we could actually get together.  

I thought it was funny that right out of the gate Haide said "Get them two together first while they are still getting along."  Gavin was a tough one to get to smile....I mean really hard...but I said the magic words "DO YOU HAVE A GIRL FRIEND"  that did the trick. LOL  He glanced over at mom as if to say...."she didn't just ask me that did she"...Oh yea I did...

Sometimes I like to take just candid pictures...I think those are the best kind. 

Haide thanks for sharing your afternoon with me and letting me drag you around BAYTOWN....I enjoyed getting to know you and the kids better... You have two special children on your hands. They were so well behaved.  Thanks for sharing them with me.

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MAKEUP AND ART A DREAM TO COME TRUE... As long as I can remember my niece Jennifer has always had a love for makeup and art. She would be real quite when she was little and when we would find her she would be covered in makeup from head to toe.  She didn't look to bad except for the fact that RED LIPSTICK on a 5 year old just didn't look quite right. 

I have watched her spend hours on the internet learning different techniques. She is self taught and has an eye for an open canvas..  She not only has a love for artistry in the makeup field but if you could see her freehand drawings you would be in AWWWW...  I know one day life will turn around for her.  I pray one day that someone sees the talent that she has and helps her excel with her love for ART. 

In March, she asked if I would photograph before and after pictures of her work...even though this type of photography isn't what I normally do I wanted her to expand her portfolio so that one day maybe someone would see how great her work is.....

THIS IS FOR YOU JENN... BB161116_05342

2 + 2 =THE TOWNSENDS Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow church family for dinner and a photo session.  I was a little nervous at first, only because I had never really visited with them outside of church.  Once I walked through their doors, I felt at home.   The twins, Emma and Kate, were running around playing.  They were a little hesitant at first but they actually warmed up to me pretty quick.  Sarah invited me to dinner so that the girls would get use to me before our session....REALLY A GREAT really made a big difference I think. I thought it was great that they were so down to earth like my I felt comfortable right from the start...added bonus they make great hamburgers...                        I have to admit, I still can't tell these two apart.  I am going to take a shot at this...I think Sara is holding Kate and Joey is holding Emma.....not sure but it sounds good.  Isn't this a sweet family. They really do love their girls.  I know Joey was a little uncomfortable but he was real trooper.


LITTLE BUNNY FOO FOO...stole the show.  It was great to watch them do it with actually made for a great shot.

      Thanks Sarah and Joey for sharing your evening with me.  Please tell the girls I appreciate them being easy on me.  You both have been truly BLESSED by these two gifts from GOD...and I have been Blessed by having the opportunity to visit and fellowship with you both and the rest of the family.

You can view the rest of your portfolio

LUCY IS HOME WHAT A BLESSING I have been so busy lately that I haven't been posting. A month or so ago I spent my afternoon taking maternity pictures of Jamie (my niece) and her wonderful family.  We had fun and actually Leo was such a big boy...The last time I had a family session with them Leo didn't really want to have anything to do with smiling.  This time he was a trooper.  They are such a sweet and loving family and we have been anticipating Lucy's arrival it seems like forever.  We gave Jamie a "BABY GIRL" shower two weeks. ago, knowing that Jamie had at least 3 weeks before Lucy would make her curtain call...  WELLLLLLL...Lucy arrived a week later, last weekend actually......we spent all day with Jamie, Brian and Leo waiting and waiting and waiting...It was well worth the wait, Lucy arrived around 4 O'clock on May 5th.....BEAUTIFUL I must say. The best part of all....I was there in the delivery room experiencing one of GOD'S many MIRACLES...

Jamie and Brian painted and decorated Lucy's room.  I think it is just precious...

Welcome into the world Ms. Lucy!!!!

                                                          Proud parents....Jamie and Brian...

It was to funny when Leo first saw Lucy....his first question was "WHY IS LUCY NAKED? His second question was "WHERE ARE HER CLOTHS?"  I am so excited for my family.  Now KINLEY and I have a playmate...Congrats JAMIE, BRIAN, AND LEO!!!  Love you guys <3 God has blessed your family once again...